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Employment Visas for Nonimmigrants

There are a variety of nonimmigrant employment visas available to foreign nationals coming to the United States. Our attorneys at AWN Point Law understand the nuances to each type of visa and are able to move through the application process in an effective and efficient manner. If you are looking to petition for a visa yourself, or if you are an employer petitioning on behalf of a foreign national, contact us today to determine which visa applies to your situation:

  • A visas for career diplomats
  • B visas for temporary visitors in the U.S. for business
  • E visas for treaty traders and investors
  • EB1-1 Priority Workers, Artists, and Athletes
  • H visas for temporary workers
  • L visas for intra-company transferees
  • O visas for non-immigrants with extraordinary abilities
  • P visas for athletes and entertainment groups
  • R visas for religious workers
  • TN visas for Canadian and Mexican citizens under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Spouses and children of nonimmigrant employment visas are also potentially eligible for visas. Contact us today for further information on these, or any other, nonimmigrant visas.

Nonimmigrant Visas for Temporary Workers

When you are interested in coming to work in the United States temporarily, we can help you as well. We help our clients with a range of categories of temporary worker visas. These include H-1B visas for specialty occupations, H-1C visas for nurses working in areas with health professional shortages, H-2A visas for temporary agricultural workers, H-2B visas for unskilled workers, H-3 visas for trainees and H-4 visas for the spouses and children of temporary workers.

To talk to us about your employment and work visa concerns, contact our Annandale, Virginia law office at (703) 658-5151 or complete our online intake form.

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